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Dr William Rea, one of the world’s leading allergy specialists, believes 97% of human beings are allergic to our modern world. Most of this is due to our relentless interference with nature from pollutants such as aerosol sprays, chemical fumes, synthetic fibers, air conditioning systems and tobacco smoke.

With frequent sore throats and a constant runny nose my physician had prescribed an allergy medicine. However, I had an ionizer twenty years ago and decided to research the newer machines. I work in a very large office building and colds and flu spread throughout the workers easily.

Since using the Elanra, I have not had a sore throat and my runny nose has discontinued. As an extra bonus, I have very restful sleep at night!

~ California, MO

Medical research and university studies throughout the world verify that an abundant supply of small negative ions of oxygen in the air has a positive effect on our health and well-being. Bionic Product’s research conducted at La Trobe University in Australia demonstrated that these small ions cause an increase in the body’s production of Immunoglobulin A (igA), implicated in enhancing the human immune system.

After several years of congestion, allergies, sinus headaches and asthma, my headaches have all but disappeared and my sinuses are no longer congested. I’ve also been able to decrease my asthma medications after about 4 months of use. -

~ Albany, N.Y.

There is a clear link between air ions and the health of living organisms and respiratory ailments.

Professor Albert P. Krueger, Emeritus Lecturer in Medicine, conducted important pioneering studies at the Air Ion Laboratory at the University of California back in 1950. He published over 100 papers on his findings, demonstrating the clear link between air ions and the health of living organisms and respiratory ailments.

My son has had allergies every spring for several years. We got our Elanra in the middle of winter, and from the time we began using it until summer, no one in the family got a cold - and my son did not have his usual cold-like allergic reaction to the spring time pollen. Thank you!

~ Santa Cruz, CA


Histamine is a powerful substance your body produces naturally and is found in many areas of the body. Its main role is to produce gastric juices for digestion of food. The presence of too much histamine may also cause many adverse reactions. The most common are similar to those associated with excess serotonin including headaches, allergies, hay fever, nausea and insomnia.

To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased an Elanra™ Therapeutic Air4Health Negative Ionizer in December of 2000. I live in a very dry climate (Las Vegas, Nevada) and have had severe problems with asthma over the last ten years.

I was extremely sceptical about the benefits of negative ions in helping me breathe easier but I was impressed with the scientific articles that are on the Elanra website and decided to try it.

Since receiving the Elanra™ Therapeutic Air4Health Negative Ionizer I have been extremely pleased with the results. I used to wake up with a very tight chest because of phlegm that would dry in my lungs and cause breathing difficulty. The Ionizer has been fantastic in causing these deposits to be loosened up so that I can cough them up and breathe better.

Also, both my wife and I have found that we sleep better (deeper?) at night and feel more refreshed in the morning.

I repeat that I was very skeptical about the benefits prior to ordering and can now strongly recommend it, as it has definitely been a positive factor in my feeling better. I plan to order a second one for my office.

Robert R. Grazulis
Las Vegas, NV


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breath it, to believe it!  Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizers.

Among it's wide range of health benefits, the Elanra™ Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer provides a
measureable boost to the body's immune systems by supplying ionized oxygen in nature's ideal balance.

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