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Boost your energy and health

Learning how the immune system functions and why things sometimes go wrong is key to prevent and cure disease.  

Your immune system is an extremely valuable asset that protects you from the ceaseless assaults of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Generally, our immune system is quite effective in warding off disease. Yet, when a bacterium, virus, or other microbe makes it past your immune defenses – we may get sick or develop an autoimmune disease — such as bronchial asthma.

Just like the engine of your car, when the human body does not get enough of the right (oxygen-rich) fuel mixture for a period of time, it does not run efficiently.  Fortunately, the body has the ability to replace every single cell with a brand new copy of itself every year or so. It is believed that an oxygen rich environment significantly supports the renewal process.

Your immune system is contantly patrolling your body to detect and destroy invaders.  Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer

I am writing to express my personal gratitude resulting from the use of my Elanra™ Therapeutic Air4Health Negative Ionizer, which I have used consistently for the last 12 months or so.

It is set to auto immune system health, as I do not suffer from any really serious ailments, but I did suffer long term from various allergies and sinus problems. I am happy (very) to relate that I now do not have any signs of these previous very vexing problems.

Once again my sincerest thank you.

~ Kilcoy, Qld

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breath it, to believe it!  Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizers.

Among it's wide range of health benefits, the Elanra™ Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer provides a
measureable boost to the body's immune systems by supplying ionized oxygen in nature's ideal balance.

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