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User's Testimonials about the Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizers.

If you have an ailment not mentioned here, and would like to see if the Elanra™ Therapeutic Air4Health Negative Ionizer has helped others with a similar condition, please contact us at and we will gladly send you additional testimonials.

The Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer is the only patented device out there which makes negative ions of Oxygen.....



My son has had allergies every spring for several years. We got our Elanra in the middle of winter, and from the time we began using it until summer, no one in the family got a cold - and my son did not have his usual cold-like allergic reaction to the spring time pollen. Thank you!

Santa Cruz, CA


Last year I was having breathing problems. At that time my husband read an article in the press about Elanra. He felt that along with the medication it would be helpful.

After using the Elanra, the night time problems have reduced - and my husband has noticed that I have ceased to snore!

Renfrewshire, Scotland


With frequent sore throats and a constant runny nose my physician had prescribed an allergy medicine. However, I had an ionizer twenty years ago and decided to research the newer machines. I work in a very large office building and colds and flu spread throughout the workers easily.

Since using the Elanra, I have not had a sore throat and my runny nose has discontinued. As an extra bonus, I have very restful sleep at night!

California, MO


I have been using the Elanra for only four (4) months and I have already experienced a significant change in the quality of my sleep. My sleep is deeper and I awaken feeling more rested and energized.

I have noticed a very marked decrease in colds and sinus infections. This has been problematic for me over the last few years. I would highly recommend the Elanra.

White Lake, Michigan


Every year or so, for decades now, I have suffered terrible sinus infections...kicks up the ole asthma, turns into bronchitis and my recovery is an average of six slow miserable weeks.  Alternative medicine hardly helps at this point, and I end up on antibiotics... that's it.  That's the only way I've ever turned one of these sinus episodes around.

Recently, I'd been traveling quite a bit, had plenty of stressful deadlines to meet, and as an admitted workaholic (just loving what I do) I'd been working long hours to meet them.  And slam...that painful sore throat, the sinusy headache, the dizzying imbalance, and full-on asthma got me once again.

BUT, this year in about 5-6 days it turned around, without any antibiotics at all, and the ONLY thing I did differently this year than all the others is spend time in my office with my new Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer.  Therapeutic is right!  I was helpfully instructed by the Air4Health folks to change the Ionizer to the sinus settings....and I kid you not, I'm well on my way back to wellness.  This is remarkable.

Let me just mention in closing, that I'm a skeptic....a straight up "prove it to me" doubter.  And I'm truly amazed and blessed to have found your amazing product. May many more people find you and your therapeutic ionizer and get blessed as well. Thank you so much.

Santa Rosa, CA


Thank you Ionizer for your wonderful healing power. I have been using this wonderful gem for two weeks, and I must say that it has helped me greatly.

My sleep pattern has improved, with me getting a sound, refreshing sleep each night and waking very refreshed and ready to start the day.



Post Fall, Idaho


I have been using the Elanra Ionizer for 8 months now. And can say I fall asleep much faster, and sleep much deeper than I used to. Also I feel much more rested when I get up.

My general health has improved a lot. I did not get a cold or flu this season thanks for a great machine.

Babylon, NY


We have had our Elanra MkII for a bit over 3 months now and have been using it solely as a sleep enhancer (SW 3 & 8 on); we wanted to allow a reasonable amount of time to judge the effects. My wife and I have been very happy with its performance, and we noticed the positive effect on our quality of sleep almost immediately; the night was more restful and sleep was more continuous starting with the first week of use. These effects improved in the next three to four weeks and then stabilized at a consistent level.

I anticipate ordering another this Spring for the children's room. Thank you again for your great service, and for making available an excellent product that really works!

Chandler, Arizona


The Elanra ionizer is a keeper! It puts out a cooling mist of “peace”-hard to describe the unexplainable!

Sleeping in a hotel has always been an unbearable experience for me, (the hotel rating makes no difference). The Elanra in the hotel room completely solved the problem.

Thanks a lot,
Laguna Beach, CA, USA


This is the first testimonial letter that I have ever written, but I must state it is with the greatest of pleasure that I am able and most willing to write it.

I have suffered terribly for many years with Migraine headaches, I thought I had tried everything possible from herbs, painkillers, the new medications, etc. Everything that is, except for the Elanra!

After using the Elanra for just 10 minutes (held close to my face), I couldn’t believe it that the nauseous feeling I was having went away immediately. And, by the time the ten minutes was up my migraine pain was less and getting better by the minute!

In less than an hour the majority of my pain was gone and as long as I stayed within three feet of the Elanra I felt little or no pain whatsoever! If you suffer from Migraines purchase one of these wonderful Elanra’s, you will never regret it, as all you have to lose is the pain!

Ramona, CA


It has now been five months since I purchased my ELANRA and my health and well-being are wonderful. My immune system has improved - no more colds and infections and best of all, no more sinus problems. I have no hesitation in recommending ELANRA to everyone who wants to wake up every day feeling invigorated and well and also my work capacity has increased.

Be kind to yourself and invest in one!


Order your Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer today!


I wish to inform you that I have got rid of my depression and I have not had a sleeping tablet for about four weeks!

I now get about 4 and a half hours sleep – thank you!



Our oldest daughter has had a six year struggle with depression, and recently has had a terrible stomach problems which have made it almost impossible for her to eat anything at all. During a five-six week period during the summer she was lying on the couch in the living room all day, too weak to get up for more than a few minutes at a time. We put the Elanra near her on a small wooden table, and had her breathe for 10 minutes at a time with the Elanra close to her face. This always relieved her nausea, which was usually severe.

After a number of weeks, she found that she could eat some soup or pudding after a 10 minute breathing session. Soon afterwards, she started eating more substantial foods – even including sandwiches and pizza!! We were totally amazed! When Marie is away from the Elanra, she has a much harder time eating, so we know for sure that it is the reason for her improvement.

Thank you so much for making available such a wonderful!


I must write to you about my Elanra. I used to have lots of trouble getting a good nights sleep. I have one of these units beside my bed.

Just before retiring, I switch it on. Invariably I get a great nights sleep. The air in the room becomes like the fresh invigorating air after a thunderstorm.

Because I get a good nights sleep due to the Elanra, I am less jittery in the morning, hypertension is very near normal and I feel rested and alert to the challengers of a new day. Beats taking more medication for blood pressure and to help you sleep. It works!

Glynde SA


I am writing to express my personal gratitude resulting from the use of my Elanra Therapeutic Ionizer, which I have Used consistently for the last 12 months or so.

It is set to auto immune system health, as I do not suffer from any really serious ailments, but I did suffer long term from various allergies and sinus problems. I am happy (very) to relate that I now do not have any signs of these previous very vexing problems.

Once again my sincerest thank you

Kilcoy, Qld


I’m so grateful every day for my Elanra. My experience as an Registered Nurse and research have made it clear to me how important and vital it is to have clean air, excellent food, and a positive outlook on life (as much as humanly possible in a difficult, challenging world!)

The quality of air in my home has improved immensely since using My Elanra and rotating it from room to room. My wonderful German Shepherd (Jake’s dander) is the source of my allergy.

I have noticed the odor level has decreased so much. The therapeutic value of Negation Ions and Oxygenation during sleep is the best benefit of this machine, and I also believe will add years to anyone’s life via boasting the Immune System.

This is the BEST Investment my husband and I have made! Thank you!

Maine, USA


After several years of congestion, allergies, sinus headaches and asthma, my headaches have all but disappeared and my sinuses are no longer congested. I’ve also been able to decrease my asthma medications after about 4 months of use. - Albany, N.Y.



Dear Joshua

Thank you so much for the ELANRA Ioniser!!!!

It is every woman¹s worst nightmare, to be sent for a mammogram, and the results reveal she has Breast Cancer! In April of this year (2001) I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer tumour, and after subsequent surgery, it was confirmed that the disease had also spread to my lymph nodes.

Until then, I had enjoyed "good health"! Many years previously I had purchased an ELANRA ionizer, and as I became Allergy free, and healthy, I confess to storing it in my bedroom. only bringing it out, when I suffered the first signs of a sniffle or sneeze. My first reflection after hearing the diagnosis of Cancer, was "would I have been in this position if I had faithfully used my ionizer daily through my "Good Health" period.. and not just when I had an allergy?" It is a scenario that will always haunt me.

Having initially being totally devastated by the news of cancer, I soon decided that only a positive attitude would get me anywhere, and my first action was to dust off my ionizer, and prepare to do battle. After surgery, there was more than one or two curious nurses that commented on the strange "Mushroom" that sat on my bedside hospital table. Also, as I had acquired the brand new ELANRA portable ionizer, I was constantly attached to the wrist band, which provided me with a double dose of negative ions in the hospital environment. We were all delighted with my surgery recovery. Immediately after, I had a great night¹s sleep, woke up refreshed, feeling surpassingly normal, with a healthy appetite. I healed beautifully. At no time did I get any infections.

I was noticed for my frequent Power walks around the hospital corridors, and was delighted with my energy level. I have no doubt that this is attributed to the diligent use of the ELANRA during recovery. The post surgery treatment recommended for me was Radiation together with Chemotherapy.

Subsequently I have had 25 radiation treatments, and am just completing six months of Chemotherapy. I have very fair skin, and was warned that I may burn, and react with the radiation treatment. But I am delighted to tell you that I suffered only a mild pink reaction, and had absolutely no burns or irritation. After every treatment, I would always "Bathe" myself in the negative ions, exposing the skin to the ion emissions. I have been surprised at my reaction to the Chemotherapy. I always go in strapped to the portable Elanra, and at no stage have I suffered nausea, or any major discomforts. It would be untrue to say that the treatments are a breeze, but I have had minimal problems and all the medical staff are very happy with my reaction.

Accumulative fatigue is common and has been a constant companion, but I only reflect what it would be like to have not had the benefits of the Elanra, and have suffered vomiting, nausea, and other common side effects. As you know the immune system is very low with chemotherapy. I am delighted that so far I have not been ill, or had sign of infections. Mind you I do take my portable Elanra to the Movies, Bridge club, or lunches! It is so small it is hardly noticed! but the benefits are huge.

With my treatment almost finished, there is no way, my Elanra will go back into storage. I have resolved to faithfully use it, sleep with it, and live with it so I may live.

Thankyou Joshua and "ELANRA"

MCP (61 years old)



Elanra Corp

I am writing this to inform Elanra corp. of my satisfaction with the Elanra ionizer. I use it to aid in getting a good nights sleep. When I first received the ionizer and used the sleep setting it put me right out. Normally, I can stay awake for at least 30 minutes while reading but with the ionizer on it took only a matter of 5 minutes.

I use the 3-6-7-8 setting when I am feeling the signs of catching a cold and other illness. It seems to work well.

Unfortunately, I let the needles degrade to the “red” level before ordering replacement and this is the time that I actually got a mild cold that last for more than a week. I am waiting anxiously for the replacements and will run the unit 24 hrs a day to get the maximum positive effects.

In conclusion, I believe that I have benefited a great deal from using the Elanra ionizer and would recommend the unit to others that have had trouble getting or staying asleep as well to those who have allergies or catch frequent colds.

Peter W. Gerdine
League City, TX


Mr. Tracy Campbell
President, Inc.
7832 Soaring Eagle Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85262

Dear Tracy:

I wanted to write to thank you for changing my life. I can now breathe freely and clearly at night, thanks to my Elanra. I’ve actually stopped getting up at 3 or 4 Am in the morning to take the two inhalers I was given since I developed Asthma. 


I am 42 years old. I was diagnosed with severe allergies in my late 20’s.and in November of 2000, I was diagnosed with Asthma, resulting from stronger allergies in my home; mold, dust mites, major outdoor –trees grass & weeds. I was also under a lot of stress and my relocation from the Northeast, to tropical South Florida, made my already bad allergies even worse. 

Since the Elanra machine is an important investment, I was curious to see if it really worked. Well, I am now telling all Doctors, friends and family about it, because I am now sleeping in a “clean “environment. My husband even commented he has been sleeping much sounder and he is also convinced the Elanra works.

It’s not often I write to tell someone “Thank You”, but I really feel compelled, especially because I was cynical (a non-believer) when I first received the machine in December of 2000. I figured you had a money back guarantee, so there was no loss on my part. 

I was also diagnosed with a severe deviated septum in my nose, which contributes to my poor breathing, compounding the effect of my allergies, especially at night. These ailments combined, causes me to have bad migraines. My migraines, which I had been getting regularly, have also been curtailed immensely, since my use of an Elanra at my bedside every night.

When I showed my “top rated” physician your pamphlet on the Elanra, he agreed that the machine would have a positive effect, as I had been experiencing, and also stated that “there is definitely something to it” because the findings are scientific and very real. It’s really nice to hear a medical doctor endorse it, and I’m grateful I found your website. 

It’s not about drugs, it’s about changing the air that you breathe so you don’t become sick. I also appreciated all the time you gave to me on the telephone when I had questions. I felt like you really cared about my personal success when using your product, not just “making a sale”. 

I would be happy to give a testimonial over the telephone to anyone you know is sitting on the fence. I only wish I could have bought this machine 20 years ago! 

Thanks again Tracy! All the best!

Patricia M. Duggan
National Director of Marketing
Westwood One, Metro Networks, Miami, FL



Dear Elanra,

This is a fan letter from a grateful and amazed customer.

After living on this planet for some time and taking my health for granted I developed some chronic and worsening health problems. I had Asthma (triggered by many things), Arthritis, and Migraines on a regular basis and Fibromyalgia. My body throbbed, ached, gasped, etc. I began to think that it was hardly worth the effort!

I tried many things, which would work for awhile or partially. Then I saw the presentation for Elanra in Nexus magazine with a testimonial from the editor/publisher. I called the toll free number and spoke with the company president. I got lots of very helpful information and was impressed that a company president actually talked with a prospective customer with no high pressure.

I ordered the larger white unit and it arrived as promised. I have used it faithfully ever since.

I noticed the very next day that I woke up with no sinus congestion, for the first time in YEARS. Then I realized I was sleeping better with fewer interruptions. I woke up this morning and realized that I have been sleeping soundly through the night for awhile now.

I have some energy again and body aches are less and less. I actually went through a season of oak pollen (I live in the middle of a huge oak grove) and had hardly a sneeze, no coughing, no watering eyes.

I used the migraine setting when necessary and the headaches, aura and all went away. I don’t remember the last time I had a migraine.

The real kicker for me was when I recently had to renew my driver’s license. I often used prescription glasses for reading and was bracing myself that I would be required to wear glasses when driving too. I passed the vision test with no problem. I was amazed and totally delighted.

I realize that all these experiences are the result of steady and gradual improvements that I hardly noticed until I met another challenge. I feel better all the time and I had forgotten how wonderful that is.

My cat adores the Elanra and overcomes any obstacle, including me to park himself in front of it.

I've been most impressed with the customer service. It is prompt and courteous. I am grateful for the easy access to ask questions, and for the answers and helpful suggestions.

I am so happy that I have found a product that more than lives up to its promises. I heartily recommend it for the restoration and maintenance of health.

Most Sincerely,

Dianne C
Ojai, CA 93023


Dear Mr Kearney

I am writing to you regarding my Elanra therapeutic ionizer. I would like you to know how much I have benefited from using it over the past two years or more. I suffered badly from asthma and could not sleep at night because of my breathing difficulties.

This has now greatly improved with continued use of the Elanra. Also, my morning wheezing has disappeared and I have not problems with by breathing throughout the day. It has been the one item I have purchased that has been well worth its cost and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has breathing difficulties.

Mrs A Williams, Mid Glamorgan, Wales


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Among it's wide range of health benefits, the Elanra™ Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer provides a
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