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Order your Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer today!


Everyone feels'off-color' or 'out of sorts' occasionally and we naturally want to discover the cause.  Headaches and stomach upsets or even depression, may pass off quickly and be forgotten.  But when ailments persist, the next step is uually to seek medical advice and probably 'something to take' to relieve nagging symptoms.

It's important to consider that ailments like asthma, sinus, migraine, skin disorders, anxiety and depression can result from a lack of negative ions.  Medical research has shown that an oversupply of positive ions can affect physical and emotional health.

When too many positive ions enter the bloodstream via the airways they can trigger the body to release excessive amounts of seratonin and histamine which produce a range of unpleasant symptoms.

Order your air4health Ionizer today!

I’m so grateful every day for my Elanra. My experience as an Registered Nurse and research have made it clear to me how important and vital it is to have clean air, excellent food, and a positive outlook on life (as much as humanly possible in a difficult, challenging world!)

The quality of air in my home has improved immensely since using My Elanra and rotating it from room to room. My wonderful German Shepherd (Jake’s dander) is the source of my allergy.

I have noticed the odor level has decreased so much. The therapeutic value of Negation Ions and Oxygenation during sleep is the best benefit of this machine, and I also believe will add years to anyone’s life via boasting the Immune System.

This is the BEST Investment my husband and I have made! Thank you!

~ Maine, USA


breath it, to believe it!  Elanra Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizers.

Among it's wide range of health benefits, the Elanra™ Air4Health Therapeutic Negative Ionizer provides a
measureable boost to the body's immune systems by supplying ionized oxygen in nature's ideal balance.

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